Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet the neighbors

Ryan and I live in a cute little apartment in Saint Paul.
The other night I was just making a cheeseburger in a pan on the stove, minding my own business, cook-cook-cooking away. All of a sudden the whole apartment is smoky. I'm coughing and confused because nothing was burned!
I think, "QUICK! Open a window!" Oh wait, I can't because the kitchen window is painted shut.
I think, "OK! Living room window!" [RUN 3 feet to the living room] Oh wait, all the storm windows are on. "Ugh, just do the screen... and uh, ah, get the storm window up [struggle, struggle]... Gah!" Give up.
I think, "OOH! Open the door!"
Almost immediately the building's smoke alarm is blaring in my ears.
I think, "Oh... BIG mistake..." and the whole building evacuates.

"Hi, Neighbors. I'm the new girl."

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