Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beauty is painful.

Here's a conversation Ryan and I had walking out the door the other day...

Lauren: "I think I'm gonna wear my zebra print flats today."
Ryan: [Stares at my feet.]
Lauren: "Oh wait! I gotta get some bandaids... hold on..."
Ryan: "Did you cut yourself?"
Lauren: "No, it's in case my shoes rub on my feet."
Ryan: "Oh, so they're ugly and painful. Ooh, wear THEM!"

Husbands just don't understand...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can't say I didn't try...

Had all sorts of plans for things I was going to get done today...

Went to the antique store near our apartment that's going out of business to see if there was a deal on a dining room table and chairs. ...It's closed on Tuesdays.

Went to specifically to the Eagan DMV to get my Minnesota's driver's license because it's near my Chiropractor, and I only get adjusted every other week. Found out they don't take check/credit cards, so I withdrew from the ATM the last $20 in my single-girl's checking account to have enough cash for the new license. ...Oh, you need a birth certificate to change from a Wisconsin license with a name change. Your WI license and marriage certificate aren't good enough.

Went to the bank to close my single-girl's bank accounts. But since I just withdrew money for the license I couldn't get, I have an outstanding transaction, and I'll have to wait until that clears to close the accounts.

Went to the Chiropractor to get adjusted and to put my new payment info on file. ...But wait! Don't run that card, I wasn't able to transfer the money into our new accounts, because I couldn't close the accounts like I wanted to, so can you run it tomorrow?

How could so many attempted projects go so badly??
Ugh. What a day...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

So... How's married life?

Today is our 1 month wedding anniversary. We've been laughing a lot this month because every single person we've encountered has asked us the same exact question: "So... How's married life?" So here's 28 days of answers for the 28 days we've been married...

1. Can't complain so far.
2. I like it.
3. I didn't know it was possible to improve upon what we already had.
4. Sex is nice.
5. Changing Ryan into the man I want him to be has been pretty easy so far...
6. It's probably the best decision I've ever made regarding my love life.
7. Sometimes it's hard, but so far it's worth it.
8. Gender roles are confusing.
9. Perfect. Everything is perfectly the way it should be.
10. Beat's a poke in the eye.
11. It far exceeds my dreams and expectations.
12. We're figuring things out...
13. Marriage is so wonderful that I have to make up a word to describe it... and that word is SCRUMTRULESCENT.
14. I've already forgotten what life was like before.
15. Fan-flippin-tastic.
16. It's like the ultimate slumber party.
17. It's pretty great to get to hang out with your best friend all of the time.
18. I feel like we're doing exactly what God intended for us to do.
19. Ah! I can't believe we're married!
20. It's pretty awesome.
21. Funderful.
22. He's my one. And when you know, you KNOW. I wouldn't have done this any other way.
23. We have a good time.
24. I understand why fairy tales end with "...and they lived happily ever after" now.
25. Day 25 was hard.
26. Just another day in paradise.
27. I love it. I wouldn't change a thing.
28. It is exponentially better than dating life.

Happy Monthiversary, Hubs! I love you!