Sunday, November 14, 2010

Endless Summer...

Enjoy some photos from our summer!

We went to Hudson to tour some life sized replicas of Columbus' ships the Nina and Pinta. It was pretty cool! A crew of guys sailed them around the United States stopping periodically to show them off. It was really interesting!
Life size replicas of the Nina and Pinta
Erin and Shirley waiting to go aboard the Nina and Pinta

SJ checkin' out the Saint Croix River

For Dad's birthday Ryan and I spent the weekend in Wausau. Dad and I canned some Chili Sauce (straight from Gram's recipe!) and I made him a birthday pie.
Canned Tomatoes
Chili Relish

Dad's Birthday Pie!

Ryan and I spent quite a bit of time at the State Fair this year...
Here's Ryan with 18 inches of Corn Dog... I'm a lucky lady.
Here's Ryan with is favorite... Pickle Dogs
We've spent quite a bit of time with Zennon and Ava. They were such great helpers on moving day!
Robot Ava


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