Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Afraid of snakes?

You will be now!

At the chiropractor yesterday, Dr. Erik shared this story with me...

His wife has a friend who had a boa constrictor. The friend really loved this snake, and let it roam (can animals without legs roam?) freely around the house as well as sleep at the foot of the bed with her at night. One day she realized that the boa constrictor wasn't really eating, and it had been a few days, and she was starting to get worried that the snake was sick. So she took the boa constrictor to the vet. The vet asked her to explain the situation, so she did. The vet said, "The boa constrictor isn't sick. It's sizing you up."

GROSS! Apparently snakes will starve themselves for days or weeks to ready up for a big meal. Her beloved pet was going to eat her! There's a reason snakes are cursed to the ground... they're TRICKY!


  1. Groooooosssssss.
    Right after SJ was born, there was a big story in the news about a boa constrictor found in a baby's crib. The baby was fine (thank goodness!), but I garauntee that mommy will never be the same.

  2. Yeah, my reaction was:
    *gasp!* [covers mouth] "Sick! Sick! OMG, that's disgusting!"