Friday, June 4, 2010

San Antonio

Ryan and I spent a long weekend in San Antonio this weekend. He had a work conference, and I went along for the ride! Thanks to everyone who prayed for our safe and stress free travels, we had a fantastic weekend!

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt on the Riverwalk. It was beautiful! We were lucky to have such awesome accommodations!

Our first night in San Antonio, Ryan and I had dinner and were serenaded (ahem, scammed) by the Mariachi's at our restaurant. This picture is of us on the Riverwalk, checking things out!

Pretty much the ONLY reason I wanted to go to San Antonio, was to eat at Taco Taco Cafe. I saw it on a special on the Food Network over a year ago, and finally got to eat there! They really were the best tacos in America!

Ryan's colleague, Christine, and her fiance Paul came with too. Paul and I spent most of the daytime sight seeing, and scoping things out for our group in the evening. Paul and I took a river boat tour of the Riverwalk. It was so interesting! We spent the rest of the weekend telling everybody about everything we had learned!

These pictures are L-R: 1. A building that from below looks like a free standing wall! It's actually triangular. 2. A "Friendship" monument that was a gift to San Antonio from Mexico. In the back ground you can see the Tower of the Americas. 3. A hotel that was built in 202 days! We learned that the first 4 floors were built on site, and everything else was built elsewhere and shipped in, fully assembled furnished, and stacked on top of each other. The hotel is completely sound and fire proof! 4. The Riverwalk and canals were built to keep the city from continuing to flood repeatedly. This picture is of a tree that took root inside of a restaurant during a flood! It remains there, and is watered from the inside! 5. This was Wedding Island. Sort of fun! We saw lots of just-married couples this weekend!
We were going to into The Alamo, but the line was too long to keep us interested, so we just stood outside for pictures. Did you know they've moved The Alamo twice?

This is a little map of The Alamo. I'll admit it would probably be more interesting had we gone inside... 

These pictures are from inside the Tower of the Americas. The photo on the left was on the observation deck, where they have a 360degree view of the city. The photo on the Right was inside, where there were telescopes, and maps/photos along the wall so you could see and figure out what you were looking at. It was pretty cool! 

These are photos of us on the ground, with the Tower above us. 

That's my Hubs. :)

Our last day was spent lounging by the pool, and then at a fancy dinner at Boudro's on the Riverwalk, courtesy of Ryan's boss, Tara. It was the best meal we had all weekend! No, there are no photos of us by the pool. After that, we met up with the others for the social event in the ballroom.

This is Christine and me at the event in the ballroom, dancing. No, we were not drunk. 

L-R: Christine, Ryan, Tara at the social event. 

We kept joking about telling people this was our honeymoon. It was nice to get away together, conference or not! 

On our way to the airport Ryan and I ate at Taco Taco Cafe again. It was everything I wanted it to be! You can't go wrong with somebody rolling out tortillas behind the counter! 

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