Monday, September 26, 2011

Gorilla Challenge

In August, The Hubs and I participated with friends in Minneapolis' first Gorilla Challenge. It's an urban scavenger hunt that led us all through downtown Minneapolis on a wild goose chase! We were given 12 clues, and had to correctly answer 10, in 3 hours, in any order. Needless to say, we did not win, but we sure had fun! Here's our hunt!

Clue #5: It just isn't possible to avoid the most obvious Minneapolis landmark of all time, even if it does completely disappear at night. Although you can snap a picture from just about anywhere in the city, for this competition, we want one with you walking on it. Run onto this location and snap a picture doing handstands!

Clue #2: Competitor of the Pioneer Press, this organization has been around under different names, in different families, gone through bankruptcy, and still came out ok. Run to this location that featured Gorilla Challenger earlier this week and grab a picture with your entire team jumping in the air.

Clue #3: Activity Site: Run to this green location in the historic Mills District, run up the spiral walkway, find the Gorilla Staffer and complete the activity. Ryan had to find something specific in the bucket of goo.

Clue #12: Find an out of towner from a state that starts with the letter "I." Snap a picture with them and make sure we can clearly see their driver's license AND state in the picture.

Clue #8: Activity Site: With the new redesign it looks like a convention center! Equipped with a Dunn Brothers and a green roof with grass on top. It's a QUIET location. WALK inside, go to room N-402. Find the Gorilla Staffer and complete the activity. Using NERF dart guns we had to knock over 4 plastic cups from across the room.

Clue #9: It looks like downtown is overrun not just with nonprofits, but with public art too. Find this Family which is a flashback from 1989. Pose with them and add to the collection.

Clue #11 Activity Site: This nonprofit is full of amenities. From whirlpool to racquetball courts, child care, and early learning, facilities and even social services you really get what you pay for here. Run to this location, find the Gorilla Staffer and complete the activity. As a team, sing and do the Chicken Dance, in unison!

Clue #7: Last week they announced a $3 monthly fee for debit card users. Bah! Hopefully no other banks follow. Find their corporate location and give them a stare down out front.

Clue #10: Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd... Go root for the home team at the field, grab someone with a Twins t-shirt, get the entire team to pick them up in the air (at least 2 feet!), with signage in the background and snap a pic :).

Clue #1: Activity Site: Adorned with a fountain illuminated at night with rotating colored lights, this is all that remains of what was once intended to be a majestic entrance to the city. Find the Gorilla Staffer and complete the activity. Throw 2 beaded necklaces around the head of another teammate.

Clue #4: From camps for kids to classes for adults, and even continuing education opportunities for professionals, this location is way more than it looks like from the outside. With the name alone, who knew it had so much inside? There's way more than much ado about nothing here. Run to this location and strike a pose.