Thursday, September 1, 2011

Makin' Magic Outta Canned Goods - 11

This week's plan is:

Hot Dogs with Creamy Coleslaw
  **I needed a quick dinner for us before I went to meed the BS Girls. Perfecto!
  **I will pretty much eat coleslaw any way it comes. Creamy, not creamy, sweet, mustardy, I don't care. I eat it. However... my favorite way to prepare coleslaw is like this: 1 head of cabbage shredded or chopped up (or an equivalent amount from a bag), the juice of 1 lime, enough mayo to make it work (1/2 a cup?), and salt/pepper. Stir the sauce together, and mix it into the cabbage. SO GOOD. 
  **If I feel like switchin' it up a little, I'll add some green onions and some cilantro. I've also made the "same" recipe using white vinegar, cider vinegar, or lemon juice for the lime juice. All are good, but produce a definitely different slaw. 
  **GF Side Note: I eat my dogs in a corn tortilla. I heat the tortilla up so its pliable, sometimes I melt cheese in them, stuff them with my dog and toppings, done-zo! 

Baked Manicotti (which is actually rolled lasagnas)
  **Have you ever seen these? Rolled lasagna? It seems like the perfect way to use up the remaining lasagna noodles that aren't really enough for a full pan. 
  **I made a traditional filling, stirring the cheeses, egg, herbs together. Smeared it on the cooked lasagna noodles leaving about 1/4 of the noodle open. Rolled them from full end to empty end. Put seam side down into a baking dish, covered with sauce. Bake until done! 
   **This had a similar number of steps as a traditional lasagna, so I prepped it the night before. But it turned out to be way easier to deal with than a traditional lasanga. On Thursday I just had to take it out of the fridge and throw it in the oven.  
  **I think this would have benefitted from sitting over night without sauce on it. It was a little mushy, but that could have just been the corn noodles. Overall it was delish!

Grilled Cheeses with French Fries
  **Had a nice weekend in Eau Claire, came home to a beautiful Heriloom Tomato. The tomato was so good The Hubs came into the kitchen asking for another bite! He never does that!  
  **I made us grilled cheese with tomato slices, home made pesto, and fresh mozzarella slices.
  **This was a delicious, simple yet satisfying summer twist to a pretty Plain Jane sandwich!
  **We ate them so fast I forgot to take pictures.

Bon Appetit!

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