Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear DHS...

Thank you for all of your well-wishes last week for my last day. I was surprised at the outpouring of generosity through gifts, hugs, email addresses, and encouragement.

Jim: Thank you for the card and gift card.
Jamie, Michelle, Tamara: Thank you for the cards. 
Alicia: Thank you for the card, candy and balloon. I will admit that in my excitement and fumbling manner I accidentally let the balloon fly away on my way to my car on Wednesday. I stood there and watched it disappear into the sky...
Jack: Thank you for the card and chocolate. I especially appreciated the festive wrapping. :)
Dan, Alanna, Bill, Kelli, Joe, Rich, Verna, (and JC): 10 points for funniest card ever. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, and always being my most amusing rumor spreaders. ;)
Jeff and Jeff (and Alanna, Dan, and Jack): Thanks for meeting up for drinks.
Darcy: Thanks for the drink money. It was well spent. ;)

I took a small va-cay to Door County, WI this weekend and it was much appreciated. I start my new job full-time tomorrow, and am looking forward to it!

Thank you again for everything over the last year.


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