Saturday, October 31, 2009

Romantical Halloween

Sweetest thing ever:
Parked in a big puddle last night. Instead of suggesting I crawl across the seat or change parking spots, Ryan opened my car door and reached for me to carry me through the puddle. Even Wonder Woman needs a Superman to rescue her sometimes...

Quote of the day:
"You're so awesome that your pants smell like meat."


  1. Oh my goodness. It sure would be swell to see some photos.

  2. Richard says, "Good thing he has a 100 pound girlfriend."
    Erin says, "What, you wouldn't do that for me?"
    Richard says, "No, I'm just saying he probably isn't as strong as I am."

    Nice save, Rich.

  3. Who is the quote of the day by?

  4. And what does the quote of the day mean? Yuck.