Monday, July 5, 2010

Road Rage

Since posting about staying in Eau Claire during my training I've started commuting daily to and from. The days are longer, but they're not as lonely. Plus it gives me some time alone in the car to think. Here's some of the things I've found myself thinking in the last 2 weeks...

--"Next car: Cruise Control."
--"I wish I could just crash my car into other cars sometimes..."
--"Man, I never use my horn, but when I do why do I always find myself in the same situation as the person I just honked at a few minutes ago?"
--"GPS could only get better if it followed up directional statements with affirming statements. 'In point 2 miles turn left, Beautiful.' or 'In point 9 miles exit right, if that D-Bag would get out of your blind spot.'"
--"Wow, Dad was right: Pricks From Illinois..."
--"Seriously State Troopers? Is there so little crime to fight you need to set up 2 speed traps outside of Eau Claire before 9am??"
--"Did Tom Shane just say 'Synthetic man-made boobies'?? Oh! Rubies!"
--"Lady Gaga's new song sounds just like Ace of Bass."
--"It's nice to know I've still got it..."
--"I love seeing guys singing along to the radio alone in their car."
--"I wish when you gave somebody the Stink Eye they could feel it on their body like lasers."

I'm sure none of you have ever felt the same way...


  1. Agreeing with #4,5,6,8, and 11.

    And yes, you still got it :)

  2. When I was commuting from Baldwin to Roseville, I used to be AMAZED at how much the driving decreased in both politeness and class on the east side of the river. I'm not trying to start a fight with anyone or anything here. I'm just saying.

  3. Also, I can feel your stink eye from another city. Rest assured your stink eye is nearly as strong as a laser.

  4. And yes, you still got it. :)

  5. I say that about GPS systems ALL THE TIME. They should market them toward women. "Well, aren't you looking nice today? How 'bout we take a little drive?"..."You are an excellent driver; I wish all drivers were as wonderful as you are."..."Turn left...great job!"

    I ALSO say that about that Lady Gaga song.


  6. Think how GPS sales would ROCKET! I'm totally for that.

    And I love the drive to and from EC. My time to crank the 80s tunes!