Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Anniversary

This week is special to me because it is the one year anniversary of the days in which God recaptured my heart and mind and began the final preparations of them for my husband.  He gently stitched my torn and tattered heart back together, weaving in all of the love lessons I'd painfully learned up to that point. He decidely redefined words like "love" and "forever" for me as my mutated definitions had let me down time and time again.  He rebuilt me into the woman I was designed to be, instead of the shell I  had defected into. 

There was a time where I thought I would never recover from my broken heart, and I thought I was in the depths of despair. I now see how God orcestrated the situation of a broken heart to bring me down to zero so that through lifting me up He would be glorified. My heart is still scarred, but finally it is being gently held by the only man that truly deserves it.

To the damaged woman inside of me, I remind: God is good, all the time.
To my husband: I will follow you into the darkness.


  1. Beautiful, Lauren. God has made beauty from your pain.

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  3. Sorry I didn't get back to my reply several days ago... life called. I wanted to say what a beautiful testimony of God's love and the love you and Ryan share. It is one that gives hope to those who are hurting.

    There are three women in my life (each approaching 30 years old) who are so frustrated at the state of their life in relationship to men and God's plan for them. Each desires strongly to be married; each is a Christian; each has strong views against premarital sexual involvement; all are attractive; all are college educated - two with multiple degrees and one speaks multiple languages and has traveled widely. One has never had a date; The other two have only dated men who purport to be Christians. Of those, one has had a few dates; one has had a series of boyfriends that don't last when it become clear there will be no sex before marriage. Two girls are american; one girl is European. A great part of their frustration is feeling that they have done the "right" things and they are no better off, and in fact, would appear to be at a disadvantage when compared with their peers who are living with boyfriends or have no qualms about premarital sexual involvement. They all feel that their window of opportunity is closing in regards to meeting men who share their commitment to purity. They have tried meeting guys through church, through dating services, etc. They are all carrying on with their lives (continuing education, traveling, etc.) but feel there are not many men out also looking for serious relationships. My heart has really been broken for them. As a Christian woman who in particular hears the trials of two of them, I have run out many things to offer, other than prayer and 'God has a plan.' Your testimony is refreshing to hear on their behalf. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. From Erin: I am SO happy for you, and truly can't wait to see where God will take you and Ryan. Your strength is an inspiration, my sister. I love you.