Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love is Cool

Even though I'm establishing myself in my new job with the Credit Union, I still have been serving part time on the side for a little extra spending money. Last night we had a 50th birthday party for a gentleman, and they went all out. There was a fully catered dinner and dessert buffet, with an open bar, a live band that was pretty good, and a Scotch and cigar bar. They rented full linens and a tent for their back yard with hanging candle lanterns and everything. It was pretty cool.

For those of you who don't know what we do when we say "off-premise catering," we show up with a truck full of equipment and food and set up the party from start to finish, and haul all of our mess back to our HQ.

The party was set up behind their beautiful house in North Oaks... down a huge hill.We had to push our carts and our food and our liquor from the truck down the 2-story grassy hill, without tipping anything, and then push everything back up. It took 2 people on every cart going down, and it took 3 people on most carts, and 4 people on some, to get them back up the hill.

Here's Mona and Paul pushing a cart of glassware back up the hill in the dark...

So the whole day was spent sweating from 3:00 until about 12:15am when we finally clocked out. The 6 of us drank almost 2 cases of bottled water, and all we could think about was going home to a cold shower.

By the time I got home at 1:00 am, Ryan was already in bed and I was going to take my cold shower before I got into bed. When I opened the bedroom door to let him know I was home, what did he have waiting for me??

Oh, yes... timing is everything. What a perfect day for the perfect surprise!

Hello, walk-in-cooler-bedroom.


  1. AWESOME!!!! Gotta love it. Nice job, Ryan. :)

    Also, how much does a party like that cost? Can you even IMAGINE?? A scotch and cigar bar? Oh my.

  2. Litle things? Like scotch and cigars or AC? Love is cool....