Saturday, August 21, 2010

Independence Day

I was somewhat trapped in my own head this Independence Day, celebrating an internal anniversary between God and myself. But we did have a great weekend with Ryan's family in Eau Claire, celebrating together. Here are some pictures to share!

We decided to try grilling a turkey. We brined it first because we were concerned it would dry out in the grill.
Stay tuned for pictures of the end result!

Miss Ava

Ryan havin' a beer...
We had some fun with fire crackers in the driveway before dinner.
Eric's kids: Zennon (7) and Ava (5)
Dinner time!!
It was worth every minute of effort. Let me know if you want the details of technique. I don't care if I eat an oven roasted turkey ever again!
Ava wanted the turkey leg. It might be the best picture of the weekend!
After we just hung around until dark, when the Fireworks and S'mores came out!

We grilled s'mores on the patio... light off "s'more" fireworks... and watched a huge fireworks display in a neighboring yard! What a great and relaxing evening!
Uncle Ryan wanted to play too!

MaryBeth and Ryan toasting...

Ryan: Maxin' and relaxin'...
Zennon: Two-fisted s'mores...

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  1. Thank you for that picture of Ryan with the sparklers. Laughoutloud!