Monday, May 24, 2010

Grades are posted.

Hello blogladies. I will be grading you today on your blog, based purely on recent attendance.

Nothin' to brag about:
Heather posted recently, but nothing before that for a week!
Erin and babies haven't blogged in an average of 5.5 days!
Carrie posts consistently once a week, but that's not enough!
Kristi blogged more while she was in Florida than this last 10 days.

I am disappointed in
Jean no post in 2 weeks.
Naomi another blog with 2 weeks without a post.
Leslie  2 weeks, no post, and her slide shows are my favorite!

Blog failure:
Cara no post in 4 months.
Sasha  it's a whole new season since she posted some new photos!

Somethin' to write home about:
Carla 12 posts in 14 days!

So Carla is the winner!!
The rest of you: is there nothing going on; are you too busy; are you too cool? Cara, is there nothing fun to share from NY? Jean are you too married to tell us about your life?  Ladies, have there been no photos taken this week?
I miss you, and I want your blog updates. Please come back to me.


  1. So from this grading scale, I'm deducing that I got "C". Not bad for a mama of three under 3! You can come over anytime and watch my troops so I can blog :)

  2. Ha! I was just going to say, "Get over here and hold the baby so I can blog," but I guess you're probably already on your way to Naomi's house.

  3. Ok, I blogged everywhere, you weiner.

  4. hold on to your panties, chicka. My post for Wed is a whopper!

  5. And you know now, we're going to be watching you like a hawk.

  6. Who grades only on attendance? You're a mean teacher, Mrs. Krebsbach.

  7. AND you get a D for commenting on our blogs, by the way. The gauntlet has been thrown!

  8. haha, you ladies really got upset! But you blogged, so it worked! :)

    love ya!