Friday, May 21, 2010

Use your brain, Lady.

This lady just stood up on Dr. Oz and asked if there was anything she could have done to have prevented her brain cancer.

The doctor on stage rattled off a few things--leafy greens, green tea, blah blah.

Dr. Oz then turned to the lady, whom he was standing next to, and said, "Do you smoke?" She admitted she did. He said, "Quitting smoking is the #1 thing you can do."

She goes, "Yeah, yeah, I know, I know..."

Really, Lady? You have BRAIN CANCER, and when Dr. Oz says the #1 thing you can do to prevent it, or get over it is to quit smoking, you're gonna give him a "Yeah, yeah"??? You're an idiot.


  1. Warning: Political UNcorrectness ahead. Lauren, feel free to remove this post if you see fit. I will not be offended if you do...

    Apparently you hit a nerve with me!

    I am amazed there are still people who smoke. I am amazed people still pick up that first cigarette, put it in their mouth and light it. I don't get that. I am amazed that despite all the education, the $$$$$$ spent, the highly publicized health risks, we have not been able to produce a smoke-free generation. But, there have been nearly a billion (with a B) dollars in tobacco subsidies paid by my/our government since 1995. Balance that with the fact that the government now wants to remove salt from our diets! They are so hypocritical!!!!)

    And I now live in a tobacco state, and I see A. LOT. of smokers, including fairly young kids. I yell at kids walking down my street who are smoking: "Hey! Is that a cigarette you're smoking? Are you legally old enough to be smoking? Who gave that to you?" I get some pretty strange looks and comments. I just want them to know someone is paying attention and thinks it's not right.

    When I see someone who holds sway in public arena smoking (it is shocking how many actors smoke, but also politicians and other glitterati), I find I can not take their opinions seriously. I try not to be judgemental, but my first thought is, 'Wow, you are not smart enough to not smoke!' I then wonder if (when they lit that first cigarette) they were giving in to peer pressure, doing it to look cool, doing it to relieve stress, doing it to be rebellious or just plain didn't know it so bad for them. The problem is, none of those reasons are good ones. (It has been widely reported that someone who was recently elected to the highest office in our land was a smoker when elected. I thought "Really?? That is who you are?? Yikes for what that means about you." I have a pretty good suspicion why he probably smoked his first cigarette and I believe that character trait still informs his decisions today. But, then, that's just my opinion.

    I also am never too keen on a business who allows it employees to smoke outside the front door where customers enter. It just says so many bad things to me about how those businesses are run. I usually choose not to patronize them. I also try not to eat at restaurants that allow smoking (most of them where I live). I can't always avoid it though.

    And I get absolutely angry when I see a parent in a car, windows up, smoking a cigarette with kids in carseats in the backseat. My heart breaks for the kids. I realize their moms probably smoked while they were pregnant, are smoking now and probably smoke in the house where they have to live, eat and sleep. It makes me want to cry.

  2. I can just imagine Carole shouting at kids walking by. Ha!

  3. Carole,
    I agree with everything you said!
    I think smoking outside of a business is tacky, and makes me wonder if a restaurant is clean.
    People in the media that smoke? They're role models to so many people.
    Parents that smoke with their children in the car make me have road rage.
    I also don't understand how people still make the decision to smoke after being bombarded with anti-smoking campaigns for years.
    And if a doctor said to me, "Quit smoking or you will most likely die" I'd quit smoking. I'm sure it's hard to quit, but still probably not as sucky as dying.