Saturday, May 22, 2010

Makin' Magic Outta Canned Goods - 4

This week's plan is:

BBQ Short Ribs with Creamy Coleslaw and Oven-Baked Fries
  **I feel so terrible leaving Ryan home on nights I work with nothing but a frozen pizza to eat! So Erin let me borrow her crock pot until we maybe get one from our wedding registry. 
  **Though I don't work tomorrow, I will be gone all day so I'm going to put our ribs in the pot with some BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Ray's is GF) and let them go! When I get home I'll just throw together some coleslaw and some potatoes seasoned and baked in the oven. 
  **Easy and delicious!

Lebanese Pasta Salad with Grilled Chicken
  ** I was mentioning at work needing some ideas for dinner, and one of my coworkers suggested this salad: 
          DRESSING: Crushed garlic, salt, mint, vegetable oil, cider vinegar.
          SALAD: tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, bell pepper
  **I will be adapting it into a pasta salad, and serving it with grilled chicken to make a more complete meal.
  **Note, if you use GF rice pasta, let the noodles cool in the colander, but don't refrigerate them, or save the leftovers for later. Rice pasta does NOT refrigerate well and gets really hard and gross. I will make just enough pasta for my own dinner, and nothing more for extras.
Spaghetti with Italian Sausage Meatballs
  ** We're meeting Ryan's family for dinner this week, and since I'm the one that needs accommodation, I suggested something easy like spaghetti. 
  **I'll be bringing my own noodles, and bread crumbs for the mix. 
  **I like to add grated or shredded parmesan cheese to the mix for some easily added deliciousness. 
Homemade Sausage and Mushroom Pizza
  ** It's possible I've mentioned it before... But one of my biggest cravings in my new GF lifestyle is pizza! Last time Ryan and I went out for GF pizza it cost us $70! So we've started making our own. Not only does it satisfy a serious craving of mine, it's GOOD, and it's CHEAP!! 
  **I use Udi's Foods crusts for me (2 for $6), and Betty Crocker just-add-water-type crust for Ryan ($0.70 for a decent sized pizza).  We always switch up the toppings and we both get what we want.
  **I'm using turkey Italian sausage this time, so it won't be as greasy as traditional Italian Sausage. 
  **I will sautee the fresh mushrooms before I put them on the pizza so they're done all of the way, and because I'm weird about mushrooms.
  **And what really makes this pizza the awesome, is that we use thin slices of fresh mozzarella all over it instead of shredded mozzarella. This is something I experienced in NY with Heather at Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn. Trust me, once you try it, you'll never eat shredded mozzarella on a pizza again!

LARA-style bars
  ** Recently I've found myself at work with nothing to eat--and that makes for a long day. After discussing my gluten issues with a coworker she suggested LARA bars, and said she found a good recipe for homemade LARA bars online. I did my own search and found a recipe here at Enlightened Cooking. (They're very similar to the Sugar Plums I make at Christmas time.)
  **I made 3 flavors of them and they have been SUCH a lifesaver at work!
  **Ryan doesn't love them, but he's not a huge fan of nuts.
  **You can get a variety of dried fruit and nuts at Sam's Club, which makes the cost of these bars a fraction of what you'd pay for them in the store! 
  **Next time I make them, I'll probably chop the nuts in the food processor until they're about 3/4 done, and add the fruit right to the same bowl, and process until well combined, thus eliminating the need for an additional bow; the food processor does the mixing for you!

Bon Appetit!

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